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I am easily amused

ignorance is not always bliss

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I am a 30 year old girl with an eight year old daughter. I am a major walking disaster area.(aka I am your basic gimpdefied nerdy girl.. I run into shit and I trip all the time) currently I work for a major networking company, and learning how to re discover myself all over again after a very high stress year. I stopped writing for a while because I just didn't know how to start again.. I'm learning.

Other invaluable information about me:

Look at my interests.... they get updated on occassion but that is really about it. I try to read a lot of books (the average is about four 400+ page books a week, depending on the author, and how involved I am with said book/books). I am easily amused by many things. my recent interests are not dating people, playing pool, work, and being a wallflower when I am out. I don't drink nearly as much as I used to and this a huge accomplishment for me. for those who DON'T know thugg1ns is my best friend aka my brother; my hetero lifemate, and roommate. He refers to me as his "little sister".

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